Furnace Repair in Wilmington MA

Your furnace is a critical system in your Wilmington MA home, keeping you and your family warm and safe during the often harsh winters and transitional seasons into and out of summer.

This puts a lot of strain on your furnace each year, making it imperative that any signs of damage or reduced efficiency be addressed as soon as possible.

It’s not a question of “if” your furnace needs repair, it’s “when was the last time you had it checked?” Regular maintenance and repairs don’t have to break the bank if you hire Affordable Heat and Air, but they can make sure that small problems don’t turn into big expenses.

Call us today and find out why so many Wilmington residents trust us to keep their furnaces working optimally all year round.

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furnace repair services in Wilmington MA

Furnace Replacement

At Affordable Heat and Air, we stand by what our name represents, helping Wilmington homeowners with Wilmington HVAC Service solutions to their furnace issues. If a simple repair can be had we’ll make sure you have the options you need to make an informed decision about repair or replacement.

Our inspections are performed by highly trained technicians that can accurately and quickly identify underlying issues as well as how to fix them.

Common Signs your Furnace may Need Replacement:

Higher Bills

A telltale sign that your furnace needs repair is when your electricity bill skyrockets. This could indicate that your heating system is running inefficiently and wasting electricity/leaking heat.

Abnormal Noises

Any noisy murmurs, moans, thudding, squealing, and more are an indication that something may have broken. Early intervention and repair may help save your heater from needing a total replacement.

Insufficient Heating

Notice uneven heating or that specific spots in your house are cooler than others? There could be an issue with your furnace. Don’t suffer in the cold, call us today and we’ll be on-site fast to find out what’s wrong.

Reduced Airflow

If the temperature coming out of your vents is fine, but your house still takes longer to warm up, it could be an issue with the airflow. You should be able to feel the heat pumping out of your furnace, if not then you need to schedule a servicing to avoid wasted energy.

Irregular Cycling

If you hear the furnace turning off and on constantly, that could mean there is an issue with the thermostat, or that the furnace itself is struggling to keep up with the demands of your household. This may also signal that the furnace is on its last legs.

Overdue Maintenance? – We’ve got you covered

Regular maintenance and annual or bi-annual inspections of your furnace are a proactive, affordable, and reliable way to ensure your system is always operating at peak efficiency, saving you money on energy bills and ensuring any signs of wear are addressed before they become a major issue or unexpected outage when you need it most.

What You Get With Affordable Heat and Air Service

Looking for a reliable team of experts who you can trust to handle your furnace needs without breaking the bank? Reach out today and find out why so many Wilmington homeowners rate Affordable Heat and Air so highly.

Our service covers all aspects of repair and maintenance, including:

  • Routine cleaning and filter replacements
  • Testing and replacement of parts
  • Calibrating of thermostat
  • Safety inspections and sensor testing

From emergency furnace calls to routine maintenance and repairs, we have you covered. With decades of combined experience and a true passion for helping the community, you can’t go wrong by giving us a call. Our friendly service staff is ready and waiting to learn how we can help.

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